How to add/order additional Google Workspace Mailboxes / Licenses?

Transferring Google Workspace

Here's how you can add more Google Workspace Mailboxes / Licenses


Step 1: Sign in to your account

Step 2: Go to your Workspace

  • Click on¬†Services
  • Click on your Google Workspace package
  • Click on¬†Upgrade/Downgrade Options
  • Enter the number of additional licenses you want in the "New Configuration" section
  • Hit¬†Continue
  • On the next page, hit¬†Check Out
  • And Voil√†, your order for additional Workspace Mailbox/ license(s) has been submitted
  • Rocket Domains will then provision the additional license(s) and send you the configuration email in due course.



If you have already signed up for Google Workspace elsewhere, you can easily transfer it to Rocket and benefit from Google certified Workspace support, 1 click Workspace upgrades & license/mailbox management, and your own powerful Mission Control dashboard.

Consider transferring your existing domain to Rocket for 1 click integration with Google Workspace, easier management, and free Rocket Cloud DNS giving your site bullet proof security, lightning fast DNS speeds and 100% uptime. That means you can thwart DNS, DDoS attacks and run your website at the speed of light with no down time. Transferring your domain to us will also extend your domain's life by another year.

You may also sign up for our best-in-class Rocket powered WordPress hosting on Google Cloud and take your business to the next level with free WordPress set up, migration, ssl, speed optimization, premium seo tools, Astronomical Support and more.

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