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Login to your Sites.Tools, go to EMAIL >> ACCOUNTS to create a hosted email account based on your custom domain, and the copy the mail configuration settings (username, password, and mail server details).

If you're a Sports club that is using our Cricket club or Soccer club domains and tech with cloud infrastructure full managed by Rocket Domains, please request Rocket Domains support to create your official club email accounts.  

Step 2: Activate POP3 for Incoming Email in Gmail

Now that you have your custom email settings in hand, you can activate the POP3 service for your incoming email in Gmail. The Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) basically enables Gmail to download all your incoming messages from your Rocket Domains hosting email server.

To activate POP3, log in to Gmail using an Internet browser on your computer or tablet. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and click “See all settings”. 

Gmail Settings


On the "Settings" page, click on "Accounts and Import" tab.
There you will see the section “Check mail from other accounts” and click on the “Add a mail account” link.

Gmail Settings Add Mail Account Screen

You will then see a pop-up window appear, where you will enter your custom email address and hit "Next".

Add a mail account in Gmail screen

On the next screen, choose “Import emails from your other account” using POP3, and hit "Next".

Import emails from my other account using pop3

Now you will be asked to enter the following information from your Rocket Domains Email hosting:

  • Username: Enter your custom email
  • Password: The password for this email address
  • Incoming server: Enter your domain
  • POP3 port: 995

Uncheck the checkbox that says "Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server"
That will ensure that you'll receive emails without interruption without running out of space on your sever on Rocket Domains.

Do check the "Always use secure connection" checkbox though.

Enter the mail settings - Gmail Screen


Click “Add Account,” and then Google will establish secure connection with your email server at Rocket Domains and confirm that it is able to receive emails.

Your email account has been added - Gmail Screen

Step 3: Activate SMTP for Outgoing Email in Gmail

Once you see the confirmation that your account has been added, Gmail will be able to pull all your emails periodically from your custom domain email hosting with Rocket Domains. 

However, you're not yet able to send emails using your custom email address. In order to enable sending emails, you will need to click the option in the above screenshot which says: "Yes, i want to be able to send email as ...", and then hit "Next".

On the next screen, you will enter your name with which you want to send emails, and check the checkbox that says "Treat as an alias".

Add another email address that you own

Hit "Next", and Gmail will ask you to enter your email server’s SMTP settings:

  • Outgoing server: your domain
  • SMTP port: 465
  • Click "Secured Connection using SSL"
Send email through your SMTP Server


Step 4: Verify your domain name with Gmail

The last step is to verify your domain name with a verification code or link which will arrive in an email in your Gmail account.

Confirm verification and add your email address - Gmail Screen

Simply find that email, click the verification link and then Gmail will allow you to send emails from your custom domain based email address.

Sending email with your custom domain based email address

Whenever you need to send an email from your custom email address, simply hit "Compose" like you normally do and then in the "From" drop down menu you will see your custom email address. Choose that and your email will be sent from your custom email address. What's more, you can even create an official "Email Signature" for your custom email address from the same "Settings" page.

Send email with an alias - Gmail Screen

If you encounter an error when sending or receiving emails, you will need review the settings in your Gmail. And when you can't figure out what's causing the problem you know your Rocket Domains Astronomical Support is always on hand to help you.

This article was about using free Gmail to send/receive email with your own custom domain while your emails are hosted by Rocket Domains. If you're looking for the paid version of ad-free Gmail, you can sign up for Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

You can register a domain name or  transfer a domain name to Rocket Domains and get lightning fast and secure Planetary DNS free.

You can also get premium Gmail and other Workspace Apps without having to maintain a domain name by signing up for @Space Email.

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