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Sites/Tools for Planetary Cloud

"Sites Tools" is our friendly yet powerful WordPress and Email hosting control panel that makes deploying and managing WordPress websites and Email on Google Cloud super-easy. It empowers website developers and owners with intuitive tools to easily:

  • Install and remove WordPress and other apps with 1 click
  • Reset Admin credentials
  • Login to WordPress Admin with 1 click
  • Activate auto updates
  • Deploy free Let's Encrypt SSL + Wildcard certificates
  • Create and manage subdomains and parked domains
  • Create email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders and filters
  • Create and manage FTP accounts
  • Back up (automated + on-demand) and restore websites
  • Deploy caching and Planetary CDN
  • Check website traffic stats
  • Manage PHP versions, PHP variables, block IPs, and more!

To deploy your websites on Google Cloud with Sites/Tools sign up for our lightning fast Planetary Cloud infrastructure.

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