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It is easy to transfer your Google Workspace to Rocket Domains - a leading Google Cloud Partner.

Transferring Google Workspace is seamless process as it keeps all your Google apps, mailboxes, settings and data intact.

The only thing that changes is that Rocket Domains takes care of all your Google Workspace setup, licensing and support backed by our Google certified British Workspace professionals.

What's more, you get your own powerful Mission Control dashboard giving you 1 click integration with Workspace, easier Workspace license/mailbox management and more.

Transferring Google Workspace to Rocket Domains

Please follow the steps below to transfer your Google Workspace to us:

  1. Click at the link below to order Google Workspace and specify the number of seats/licenses you need:

  2. After placing your order, click at the following link and login to your Workspace Admin Console:


  3. There, please enter our "Google Cloud Partner" public identifier below:


  4. Generate a "transfer token" and then send it to us by email or by creating a ticket from inside your Mission Control dashboard.

We'll then complete the transfer and provide both licenses and support you need on an ongoing basis.

Useful Tips
Opt for the 'Annual' plan for more peace of mind and less invoicing.

Get More Power
Did you know you can apply Google Workspace MX Records and verify your domain with one click if your domain is hosted by Rocket Domains?

What's more, all domains on Rocket Domains are powered by Rocket Cloud DNS for free giving you lightning fast speeds, bullet proof security, and 100% uptime. Just so you know, GoDaddy and other Domain Registrar give you slow legacy DNS for your domain and charges $2.99 extra for faster Premium DNS. On the other hand, we give all Rocket Domains users Premium DNS for FREE with every domain registration and transfer.

That also means you can thwart DNS, DDoS attacks and run your domains and websites at the speed of light with no down time.

Transferring your domain to us will also extend your domain's life by another year. What are you waiting for? Transfer your domain to your own Rocket Domains!

Still hosting your business website on mediocre hosting?
If you wish to increase your online business visibility and achieve more sales, don't settle for cheap mediocre hosting for your website. Host your website on our super fast Rocket powered Google Cloud infrastructure, and receive free site set up, migration, optimisation, marketing tools, and support.

"I run my website and email on cheap, mediocre and risky online infrastructure, and still became a trusted successful business", said no one ever!

Need help?

If you need help it's easy to contact our Astronomical Support available to all Rocketeers on our web launchpad.

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