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In this guide you will learn how to sign up for Google Workspace and create a custom email addresses in a few easy steps.



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Just so you know Google Workspace is an evolved version of G Suite designed for seamless integration between different Google applications driving business productivity and collaboration to a whole new level. In case you're still using G Suite, you can switch to Google Workspace easily from inside your Rocket Domains Mission Control dashboard.

Step 1 - Prepare your domain name

To sign up for Google Workspace, the first thing you need is a domain name. You can:

Step 2 - Sign up for Google Workspace

  1. Go to Google Workspace Sign up page, and click "Get Workspace".

  2. Choose your desired Google Workspace Package ("Starter", "Business Standard", or "Business Plus") by clicking "Order Now".

  3. Enter the domain you want to use for Workspace. You will have the following option on the screen to choose from:

    - Register a new domain
    - Transfer your existing domain
    - Use your existing domain hosted by a third party

  4. Now configure your Workspace on the next page by selecting "Monthly" or "Annual" billing plan and specifying the number of mailboxes/licenses you need using the "Seats" Slider option. It's advisable to opt for the Annual plan to ensure continuity.
  5. Re-enter the domain name you want to use, specify the admin or main email address (mailbox) you want to create on your domain for Workspace, and click "Continue".
  6. On the next page, select "Currency" and choose "Existing customer login" option (if you have already got a Rocket Domains account) or the "Create new account".
  7. Enter your particulars and payment details, accept the terms and then hit "Place Order".

Now sit back and relax while we configure, set up and provision your Google Workspace license(s) and mailboxes.

NOTE: The Workspace email address you created will have Administrator privileges. In case you need to change that please contact Ground Control support.

Step 3 - Login to Workspace, accept Google's Terms, and verify domain

  1. You will shortly receive an email at the email address you used to sign up for Google Workspace with instructions to access your Google Workspace. Use the temporary password from that email to login to Workspace Admin Console. The email subject line is Your Workspace Access. If the email doesn't appear in a couple of hours, check your spam folder.

    If you’re already logged into a different Workspace or Gmail account, you’ll first need to choose "Add account" option and then log in.

  2. Follow the prompts to create a new password and accept Workspace Terms.

  3. You’ll then be shown your Workspace Admin console to Verify your domain ownership
    Verify Domain Option in Google Workspace
  4. Upon clicking "Verify Domain", you'll be given a "Verification Code" which you can use to verify your domain ownership. This is a security measure to make sure no one else can use your domain name to set up Google Workspace. 

    The steps to verify your domain depend on whether your domain is on Rocket Domains or with a third-party registrar.

Rocket Domains

If you're domain is registered with Rocket Domains, you can easily verify your domain ownership with one click from inside your Mission Control Dashboard. All you have to do is, copy your "Google Verification Code" and then go into your domain settings. There you will click "Web Apps", select "Workspace", enter your "Google verification code" and hit "Connect".

Third party Domains

If your domain is hosted by another domain registrar, you can either transfer your domain to Rocket Domains, or login to the other registrar account to manually verify your domain ownership.

Request your Google Workspace welcome email

In case you don't receive your welcome email in your inbox or spam folder, you can get it resent by logging into your Rocket Domains Mission Control dashboard by clicking "Help" and creating a support ticket.

Step 5 - Add MX records

MX records make it possible for email to flow to and from your email address. It's why Google requires domain owners to add Workspace Mail Exchange (MX) records. The steps for adding these records depends on whether your domain is on Rocket Domains or with a third party Registrar.

Rocket Domains

If your domain is with Rocket Domains, the MX records will already have been added in your domain DNS settings when you "verified your domain" in the Step 4 above.

You can do it, if required, by going into your domain name settings, clicking "Web Apps" >> "Workspace" where you will enter your "Google verification code" and hit "Connect".

Third-party domains

If your domain was registered with a third party, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to add MX records to your domain's DNS settings.

For more help adding MX records to a third-party domain, visit How to add MX Records for Google Workspace to work.

Note: It can take up to 72 hours for records added to your domain host’s end to propagate globally.

Next steps

There you have it. Now you're all set to use your Google Workspace mailboxes and apps. 

From here, you can:

Troubleshooting problems

When signing up for Google Workspace, you may come across error messages. In that case, please review your Rocket Manual as well as Google support resources. You may also open a support ticket to get help with Google Workspace.

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